Hi there!

This is a note for my future-self…

One of the things that I’ve been trying through the past years is pushing myself to write more in this blog with terrible results as you can see, I barely notice the existence of this space, I recall its existence once I get the domain bill every year.

What have changed?

How this time is going to be different than the past years? I’ve changed my perspective of what should I being published into this space. In the past, I had thought on create content to be part of a community and create content based on tools that I had had not used in a daily basis, at least not more than on experimental environment. Now, the main propose of this space will share my notes around technology and human perspective of developing software. Content won’t be tech specific centric, it will be experience cantered, experience that I’ve been gained and learned in tech and practices. To put it in other words, it will serve only one propose: organize notes archive that I (and maybe you) could revisit in a regular basis to refresh up concepts, how to use a particular component, product, library, methodology and frameworks and idea connections that I’ve been building during those years and new ones with the years and projects to come. Think in this space like the organised version of my memo path.


There are a few things that I want to learn and reinforce through technical writing:

Fight against my terrible memory

This is the most important one, fight against my terrible memory: for many years I’ve struggled with my memory, it’s simple terrible (not medical terrible, just regular terrible). Writing helps you to retain more information, and more important, access that information; if you couldn’t remember something specific you will find it with in your notes, and if it’s well written it could bring back valuable information and make it ready to be used faster than the first time we faced that concept.

Practicing my English

You may noticed pretty weird sentences in this post, well, I’m still learning how to express complex ideas in a more natural non-foreign-english-robotic way; Saying that, I publish new content primarily in English so I could improve more my output english skills. If you find valuable my notes and found ways to express better ideas, grammar errors or spelling words, you could help me a lot showing me the correct way to do so, for that, I will leave at the end of each post a link to report the issue back in the GitHub repo where this blog is hosted.

Problem Solving

This is huge! Understand the problem is even more important than solving it, why? how sure are you to be solving the correct problem? A common problem among developers is always talk in terms of solutions, we don’t event let someone to finish a sentence of the problem the are having for us starting. Writing will make it easy to synthesize and focus on the problem.

Express comprehensive ideas

One thing is what you have heard, another thing what you think about it, and another completely different how you express it (remember the “broken telephone game”?). Writing helps you to align and tie with your own ideas and words all those things together through: Synthetization, Summarization and Abstraction.

Communicate asynchronously

Write it’s an important skill in highly location distributed teams. With highly I mean work with team mates in extreme time zones with 5+ difference hours.

Reduce Zoom fatigue

Even with a couple of hours of difference, a well written technical document or email could save you of a Zoom call (or teams call to whoever use it)

In other words…

…from now on you will see a bunch of posts that are notes for my future self, hopefully it will be something useful for you too, that’d be even better! but, I will try to flight low and make this useful for me first.

👉 make a suggestion

If you want to help me with this post redaction don’t hesitate on create an issue in the GitHub repo where it’s hosted, use this link to get you there, and thanks!