Update project netcore version

These are just notes for my future-self

Updating Mde.Net.Reactive project from dotnetcore 2.1 to latest dotnet core stable version (at this date: 3.1)

Install dotnet sdk

You could use following ways to do so from cli:

  • Chocolatey
    • Latest version choco install dotnetcore-sdk
    • Specific version choco install dotnetcore-sdk --version=2.1.807
  • dotnet-install scripts
    • Latest version dotnet-install.sh --channel Current
    • Specific version dotnet-install.sh --channel 2.1

👀 MacOS/Linux: You will need to validate if you have your dotnet sdk installation folder registered in the PATH

Update TargetFramework

This is the simplest step: Change for the *.csproj files following parameter to netcoreapp3.1


Upgrade dependencies

Unfortunately, dotnet cli doesn’t have an integrated tool to update all dependencies, so, in this case it’d be useful an external tool like Nukeeper

Install dotnet tool install nukeeper --global

Update all packages nukeeper update

commit & push!

🙆‍♀️🎉 All set, project is already upgraded!